Let poet-author Lisa Moreno take you on a rollercoaster ride of thoughts and sentiments from childhood, relationships, to one’s inner psyche
in this anthology of poignant and sensitive poems.

Find yourself reading and understanding the elements of The Human Condition as poet-author Lisa Moreno presents the mosaic of human existence through beautiful verses and captivating lines in this poetry anthology.

Her poetic insights will take you on an odyssey that leads to the portals of The Human Condition.

From childhood, relationships, to inner conflicts, she brings all these to life through her beautiful and engaging verses.  You’ll surely find the elements of our humanity in a new and higher level, as she delves the very depths of one’s being with this powerful and moving poetry collection. 

She has written her poetry in a language that’s easy to understand – allowing everyone to grasp, visualize, and crave even more.  As she imbibes and empathizes with the different personas and sentiments of people, she has successfully addressed the vulnerabilities that humanity faces, which clearly reflects and echoes in her poems.  She looks at the world and life through the eyes of the children; she inspires lovers and people to reach, climb, think, conquer, and love; and she encourages everyone to take a ride through the depths of the psyche.  She does these and more as she pens down her poems into an amazing tapestry of images and words.

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