"I’ve endeavored to create poetry that challenges readers to think, question, and ponder inner truth.  As well, I believe humor is good for the soul.  There are poems in this book meant to give you a good belly laugh. My goal is to have readers enlighten themselves through introspective analysis.  May you find keys to unlock your inner doors as you travel deeper into the portals of Dreams, Imagination, & Destiny."  - Lisa Moreno


In Dreams Imagination and Destiny, poet-author Lisa Moreno takes you on an odyssey-of-self where a greater world of possibilities is found. In seven sections, a journey into poetic paradigms takes place. From probing poems to sensual poetry, Moreno weaves words into a mosaic of tantalizing thought.  From spiritual poetry to poetry that takes everyone through space and time, you are challenged to probe your very existence.  Poetry that deals with dissolving walls of hatred and ignorance that separates humanity is presented last.

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