About the Author

Lisa Moreno's passion is writing poetry that people can relate to.  She believes that she can help people break through inner barriers through her inspirational poetry.  Her first book, The Human Condition, Poetic Insights, has been enjoyed by many.  Her words have been read over and over again.  She has been recognized and published frequently.  Dreams, Imagination, & Destiny: A Poetic Journey, takes the reader to many new frontiers.

She and her husband, Rick, live in Southern California with their poodles.  She has two grown sons, Justin and Todd.  She has been honored to be a guest speaker at The City of Hope’s Governor’s Ball, and has appeared on stage in Las Vegas, sharing her poems of love for Valentine’s Day.  Her poetry has appeared often in magazines, and she is the Poet in Residence for the magazine, In the Spotlight, as well as the Poet in Residence for Ventana Inn & Resort, Big Sur, California.

After writing over 3,500 poems, she is currently working on her novels, which embrace key elements that she writes about in her poetry.

"My goal has been to bring to my readers the greatest breadth of poetry available on the human condition.  The gift of writing poetry literally came to me from out of the blue while flying across California as a cloud resembling an angel swept across my vision.  I literally picked up a pen and wrote my first poem called Dancing Angels.  Pen to pad since 2001 has resulted in more than 3,500 poems to date.  Driven to help people, I’ve been writing about the human condition ever since.  Understanding the internal hunger of people needing to feel understood, validated, and a part of something, I go where poets usually don’t.  I’ve tried to write without a gender attachment or a particular perspective as much as possible.  This book is not biographical in spirit, but rather, my experience in channeling and feeling mankind.  I’ve always felt an inner knowing, and write with closed eyes.   I write of human trials, various lessons humanity faces, dreams we internalize, and finding internal resolution for life’s ever changing challenges.

So often, people feel isolated when their hearts, dreams, and goals have been compromised, resulting in lingering disappointment.  We often hear the words, “You’re simply growing up.” I write of the heart and soul that wants to shed life’s disappointments and glow from deep within.  I seek to help readers achieve self-illumination through my poetry.  It’s their own inner light that I hope resonates off the pages of my poetry.  This book is meant as a personal journey for each reader to experience on his own.  Each reader will find his or her favorite poem that will speak to his deeper self.  I’m hoping my readers will find clear insight from my work.  Aside from poetry on growing up, I write of love, its trials and emotional color wheel, then race off into the wilderness of the human condition.  Emotions presented in the final section deal with inner conflict, human suffering, peace and hope.  Here, emotions are presented stark naked and exposed to the elements.  Humanity deals with hard facts daily, and it’s through perseverance and love of life that mankind has endured.  Many issues that are emotionally sensitive will be addressed in the final section.  May you feel with your heart, move with your soul, and surface enlightened."

- Lisa Moreno